Cat Mario Unblocked

Cat_mario_picCat Mario is a very funny and addictive remake of the popular Mario game where the main character is a small man who is trying to find his princess and destroy all enemies. Even though the world of Cat Mario is absolutely the same, you will find a lot of differences – for example the main character instead of mario is an ordinary cat who is trying to destroy the enemies and complete all levels. Another difference is that instead of monsters which we know from original mario, here you will face the white balls who are trying to kill you. Some of them can even fly to kill you (from tubes).

At our website, you can play the unblocked version of this funny game. In Cat Mario Unblocked, you are given some bonuses such as unlimited health and so on. The game will troll you so much that you can even start to hate it but anyway, it is awesome and very very hard. The game is similar to the Unfair Mario, another remake of the original game, where the whole level will try to kill you, with fake blocks and enemies.  This game is in chineese, but you don't have to read anything in this game, so that's ok.  If you are ready to play the unblocked version of Cat Mario, you are at the right website. Have fun and don't forget to bookmark